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Welcome to Ra's Rocks! We offer some of the most unique rocks available, and it is our intention to provide these fine materials to all Lapidaries who would like to work with them.

Silver Crown Mine

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UglyBlackRock® (UBR) AKA
     Crown of Silver Psilomelane
Specimens, Druzy, Plates,
   Rough, Slabs, Tumbled &

Roca RaRa Mine  
Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico

"Ra's Rock"
               - Grizzly Geodes™
               - Specimens, Open, Whole
               - Hollow & Solid, Slabs
Ra’s Hill Material
               - Druzy Quartz Specimens
               - Druzy Clusters for Wire Winding
Ra’s Vein
               - Druzy Quartz on Blue Chalcedony
               - For Specimens & Cabbing
Raspberry & Gold Crown Agate
               - Rough Rock & Slabs for Cabbing

Cabs by Jim Harman

Fine Designer Cabachons


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